COVID-19 Best Practices – Stay Safe While Out and About


As stay at home orders are lifted and life begins its course back to “normal,” face masks or face coverings are commonplace.  You’ve already stocked up on masks (and if you haven’t, you should immediately click here to find the most effective, best looking masks out there.)  You are hand washing and sanitizing and avoiding doorknobs, but, are you doing everything you can do to stop the spread? We are running through some best practices that everyone should follow while returning to the streets.


Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is the process by which pathogens are unintentionally transferred between surfaces. Cross contamination on frequently touched surfaces and between individuals has been identified as a key factor in community spread of COVID-19. You may be most familiar with cross contamination in the kitchen, but the same general rules apply to all surfaces during this public health crisis.

Cross contamination is difficult to prevent, since it is so foreign to most of our everyday routines.  You may be used to picking something up, touching the counter, using your phone, taking a sip of your water, living generally care-free.  If you are not sanitizing between touching every surface, you are at risk of cross contaminating. The easiest way to reduce the risk of cross contamination is to minimize touch points in your home and beyond.


What’s in Your Purse?

Purses are essentially one of the dirtiest surfaces that we can touch. This study describes purses as fomites, or objects that carry diseases. It also found that 95% of purses were contaminated with dangerous bacteria.  Every time your reach for something in your bag without sanitizing first, you are cross contaminating your bag with all of the pathogens from the surface you touched prior. If you are like the majority of Americans, you may be reaching for your bag more than you think – the average person checks their phone upwards of 80 times every day. On top of that, we place our bags on different surfaces, picking up what was left there before. It is almost impossible to completely sanitize your purse.


One easy way to reduce touch points within our own handbags, is to compartmentalize.  Make sure makeup, food, or anything that will touch your face is carefully sealed before throwing it into your bag.

Returning to Normal

So, you venture out to your favorite restaurant to enjoy dinner al fresco. Where do you keep your mask while you are eating? You definitely don’t want to place it on the table, where others may have touched; that risks cross contamination.  You don’t want to toss it in your purse, especially after learning what’s going on in there.  The solution: mask carrying cases.

Antibacterial Mask Cases

Worried about cross contaminating your mask while out and about? OGONEWYORK has the answer; antibacterial mask cases. Our mask cases are custom molded to create tight seal, keeping your mask safe from germs, dust, and everything else that may be floating around your purse. Simply slip your mask into the case while dining out or enjoying a socially distanced moment of fresh air.  Protect your mask and yourself with a antibacterial mask cases from OGONEWYORK.