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Stay Safe in Style – Introducing The OGONEWYORK Face Mask Collection

by Haley Cooney
Stay Safe in Style – Introducing The OGONEWYORK Face Mask Collection

OGONEWYORK is committed to serving the community where we live and work.  When COVID-19 hit our community hard, we answered the call and began to manufacture and source the most important accessory of the season, face masks.  That’s why, in the days that we would typically be introducing our summer collection, we are proud to introduce OGONEWYORK Face Masks. 


As the world begins to open back up for business, mask wearing has become mandatory, encouraged, or just the socially responsible thing to do, depending on where you live. 


As mask use has increased, so has plastic pollution, mostly single use disposable masks.  They litter our streets and are filling landfills.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, we are devoted to ethical and responsible consumption. Our reusable face masks are washable. 



Our HEPA99 filter face masks create a comfortable but safe barrier between you and the outside world. Independently lab tested and verified,  each  mask in our HEPA99 collection features a filter pocket, which holds our HEPA 99 Filter. HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are 100% hydrophobic which is integral for protection from droplets. You can hand wash these face mask filters up to 40 times before they have to be replaced.

We know that your identity is tied to what you wear, so we created an extensive collection of patterned and fabric face masks. There is a mask to match any outfit, or suit any socially distanced occasion!

 masks for children kids masks


Keep the littlest members of your family protected with OGONEWYORK’s children’s fabric face masks.

We have shrunk our HEPA99 and washable face masks down to fit your mini me’s adorable face. OGONEWYORK face masks for kids are breathable and lightweight, which keeps your kiddo breathing comfortably, even during the longest playtimes.

 scuba washable masks for children reusable masks for adults


Cover up in a comfy scuba washable face mask. This medium to heavyweight reusable mask protects from particles. Twin with your little one with a matching mommy and me mask set.



Gaiters maintain full coverage while keeping you comfortable. Transform this face mask into a head band or sweatband post-pandemic.  Gaiters are perfect for working out outside due to their breathable, moisture wicking properties.



Dining Al Fresco?  Don’t just stick your face mask on the table or in your purse. OGONEWYORK has you covered with a portable face mask case, or let it hang out on our face mask strap.



While there may be no parades or concerts this year, you can still safely show your love for the stars and stripes! Celebrate Independence Day safely and in style with our July Fourth Face Mask collection.  Choose from 7 styles of patriotic HEPA99 filter face masks and gaiters.


 At OGONEWYORK, we are committed to creating ethical and responsible goods.  We are proud to have been included on a list of Face Masks by New York Makers by Red Tricycle!


We’re in this together.


by Haley Cooney

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