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The Ultimate Guide to Back to School During COVID-19

by Chelsea Manigold
The Ultimate Guide to Back to School During COVID-19

With all that is happening in the world today, back to school season has felt very unfamiliar. Under normal circumstances, back to school can be a fun but challenging time of year. New routines, changing weather, and school-year stress can have a toll on teachers, kids, and families. When you add a global pandemic into the mix, it’s a whole new ball game!  Keeping our communities safe during COVID-19 is a priority for OGONEWYORK.  With most schools across North America implementing safety measures at schools, it can be a challenge to navigate the back to school season this year. We all want to do the best we can to stay healthy and safe and choosing a mask that is right for you and your child is one way to do so.  We understand the challenges, and that’s why we created this back to school guide to help you and your family navigate the back to school season during COVID-19. Here are some tips to getting ready for back to school.

Choose a functional (yet fashionable!) mask

For most schools, masks are mandatory, creating a unique challenge for teachers.  There are many kids that rely on lip reading to communicate and struggle as a result of masked speech. Additionally, a teacher’s smile can brighten a child’s day and this is also taken away with many masks.  As a result, many teachers have been turning to clear face masks that are effective, fashionable, and make the school day more accessible for their students.

To meet this demand for clear-face masks, OGONEWYORK has developed Gerrie, a new 100% cotton HEPA99 reusable, washable, anti-fog clear face mask!

The HEPA filters are reusable, washable, lightweight and FDA compliant – this makes them far more convenient than other masks, while also adding an extra layer of protection as they capture 99% of particulates down to 0.3 micron.  The design is incredibly functional, and it was created with teachers and speech therapists in mind. It’s made out of two layers of cotton fabric with one layer of HEPA99 filter to provide added protection. It boasts a nose wire, soft elastic adjustable straps and soft lining. All in all, this mask was designed to look great, but most importantly, help teachers and speech therapists stay safe while ensuring their teaching remains accessible for everyone

For children, finding a fun mask they want to wear is important. It has to be comfortable otherwise it will interrupt their learning and cause distractions. Children must have a mask that is well made - poorly made masks may not effectively filter virus particles, putting communities at risk. OGONEWYORK has a wide selection of

kids face masks, so shopping for back to school masks can actually be fun! Many parents have been involving their children in the process, allowing them to shop with them online for fun styles they are excited about.  OGONEWYORK face masks for kids come in different sizes and styles and are easily washable.

 Have multiple masks to choose from

 Having a selection of masks is important for both children and teachers. For teachers, you may like to switch masks throughout the school day. Bringing more than one mask will make life easy and keep you comfortable while teaching.

 Children should also bring more than one mask to school – it could become soiled or lost on the playground. These things happen, and being prepared for them makes life so much easier!

At the end of the school day, you’ll need to wash and dry your mask.  Ensure you have a selection to choose from throughout the week to take the pressure off your wash schedule.

Bring sanitizer, wipes, and hand cream to school

Having your own sanitizer supply available at school can be helpful during the back to school season. For kids, keeping a small sanitizer bottle with some hand wipes can help teach good hand hygiene in between handwashing. For teachers, you will be touching many different surfaces, so having hand sanitizer readily available will be important. To prevent dry, chapped hands from frequency sanitizing, keep hand cream available.

              As we continue to live with the threat of COVID-19, keeping each other safe and doing our part is incredibly important. Finding a sense of normalcy during the school year through good planning and preparation will help both children and teachers work through these challenges effectively. We know it’s not easy, and at OGONEWYORK we are here to help. If you have any questions and need some help choosing a mask, drop us a line. We’re in this together!

by Chelsea Manigold

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