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Brooklyn based company launches innovative HEPA clear anti-fog mask

BROOKLYN, Nov. 06 2020 -  Brooklyn based company OGONEWYORK has released a new line of HEPA clear anti-fog masks that allow the wearer's lips to be seen while simultaneously filtering particles. These innovative masks are versatile and suitable for everyone, adults, and kids alike, with daily use in mind. The HEPA clear anti-fog masks may be ordered through the retailer's website. 


OGONEWYORK's latest mask release is a gamechanger for many. With a mask covering half your face, communication can be challenging. Our smiles and expressions are hidden, and it can be challenging to understand language without reading lips. OGONEWYORK has remedied this barrier with their line of clear masks. These HEPA clear anti-fog masks are suitable for anyone who wants to show their lips while still benefiting from an effective filtered mask, whether that be to show off your shade of lipstick, smile, or assist with communication. 


This revolutionary clear mask features a filter; a unique feature, setting it apart from other clear masks currently on the market. This innovative design protects the wearer from particles. The benefits don't end there; the clear window makes the wearer's mouth visible aiding in effective communication, especially when speaking with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Made from an anti-fog material and 100% cotton fabric, the mask is easy to wash. OGONEWYORK's HEPA clear anti-fog mask is designed with comfort in mind and is even designed with an adjustable nose wire and straps. 


Owner and founder of OGONEWYORK, Ogo Ekweozor-Holley, said, "We are incredibly excited to launch a safe and stylish alternative to traditional face masks. Made in New York, these masks are made to show, yet not touch, the user's lips whilst remaining safe and protective. This mask is popular with, and designed for, women that want to wear lipstick as well as adults and kids that communicate with people who read lips".


OGONEWYORK is both a brand and retailer with strong values rooted in being sustainable, eco-friendly, and kind; "We value people, the environment, quality, and profit in equal measure," says Ekweozor-Holley. Fashion focused, the brand is not new to the mask scene. GONEWYORK has several face mask options available on their website that are fashionable, practical, and remain true to the brand's core values. Likewise, the line of masks are designed and made in New York and reusable. Consumers can purchase the HEPA clear anti-fog masks by visiting their website. 


About the Company – OGONEWYORK (www.ogonewyork.com) is an online and in-store boutique located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, that carries both the OGONEWYOKR brand alongside an expertly curated selection of independent designers and brands that hold the same set of values. OGONEWYORK was founded by Ogo Ekweozor-Holley. Born in Canada, raised in Nigeria and then the UK, the law graduate launched the boutique after moving to New York City, where she currently lives and runs the brand.  Her mission is to create beautiful pieces that are kind to the ecosystem, and believes people, animals, and the environment should not be sacrificed for style.  



Christina Thomas