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Tired of your mask having no home of its own? Meet our mask holders - new on the market!! Made with suction cups that can be placed on any dry , smooth surface. No need for drills, holes , nails or wall damage. Our design patented mask holder is reusable , waterproof and oil proof. 


* Easy Install - Suction cups 

* Small - 5.5cm x 3.5cm

* Lightweight - weights  < 0.1lbs

* Holds up to 10 masks 

* Can carry up to 11lb of weight 

* Lasts up to 3 years 

* Reusable 

* Waterproof 

* Oil proof 

* Holds a design patent 


1.Select a dry surface 

2.Take off protective cover 

3.Firmly push the suction cup against the surface  


 1.Use edges of a plastic card (store card, credit card) to detach  the base of the suction cup from surface 

2.To re install - wash the suction cup with warm water. Air dry or blow dry cup. It’s ready for reuse. Use up to 1000 times.

Install on smooth, clear and dry surfaces 

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